Saturday, December 21, 2019

Americ A Great Success For The Europeans - 1285 Words

Settling America was a great success for the Europeans, but not Native Americans. The New World gave many a chance to move up in the social order and seek religious freedom. The poor were given an opportunity to trade their labor for passage over as indentured servants and even some women gained the right to conduct business and own property. Unfortunately Europe s gain harmed the Native Americans greatly. Their population was decimated and they were pushed from their homes to make room for new settlers. Though many benefitted, many were also harmed. Unlike most of history, colonization helped many women gain more rights and respect. In order to have an equal gender ratio, England sent â€Å"tobacco wives† (women sent to marry men in the†¦show more content†¦After they had served out their contract they would be given freedom dues, land and money, for their service. With that they were able to start their own farms and families and gain success. The failing Economy of Europe was an important deciding factor for many colonizing the new world. Spanish settlements were primarily for finding precious metals and other resources to send back to Spain, using Indian labor for mining and anything else that needed to be done. Most countries were looking for gold or resources to send back home. Colonies in the West Indies and South Carolina grew sugar, other colonies grew tobacco. Due to that, they needed more labor for their plantations, giving the opportunity to more people to come over. Virginia had lumber, which was used to build ships, which were used to send other goods back to England. America became essential to international trade, and even had trade agreements with the Indians, which was one of the time they did benefit from colonization. More so than economic reasons, religion was the number one push factor for many to move to America. Whether it was to spread their religion or for religious freedom, they were given the opportunity to do both. The Puritans came to America for both those things. They wanted to spread Protestantism among the natives, but their own reformed version, which they were persecuted for in England. They created a society based on Puritanism, with the Church being the center of their

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