Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Dancing Queen :: essays research papers

As I stand in my starting pose, after the judges have called the name of my dance group, and we have walked out to onto the stage. I can hear the people in the audience applauding and talking. I can hear my heart beating. I can also feel it. I feel like it's about to jump right out of my chest I am so nervous. I have been here once before but never for this age group and we have never been this group. We are the junior tap lines we are one of the best in Arkansas. As the music starts I forget everything and everybody around me .I can no longer see the people watching my every move I can no longer see the judges facial expressions or try to read there lips. All I can hear is the music I am dancing to, all I can see are the bright lights shinning down on me, the blur of people, and my feet moving, dancing like they've never danced before. Before I know it the dance is over and the music has stopped, and I can see, and hear the people clapping and screaming .I am no longer scared. I could do it again and again. I love it. It gives me a rush that I can only get from a huge roller coaster. As I walk off the stage I am greeted by a hug from my dance instructor and the rest of my dance group we are all so happy .At the end the awards are giving out we get second place we are all so happy we have made it to the top ten now for the high point spots we wait for our division it comes slowly but it comes. Impatiently we wait number ten is called soon number seven we hope they will call our names number two is called it still isn't us one spot is left to go and if we don't make this one we are not going to nationals it isn't called we are al disappointed. After we get back to magnolia we hear the taps of the judges talking and telling us their opinions we work on what needs to be worked on and improve in time for up coming events we are to perform at.

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