Tuesday, February 11, 2020

International Justice Cooperation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

International Justice Cooperation - Essay Example Human beings at birth are necessarily good and his identity is defined entirely by events that occur thereafter as popularly adhered by the Tabula Rasa Theory. Contrary to this, man is considered neither good nor bad at birth but the forces acting for and against him molds him into what he is to become. The greater need for self-gratification has blanketed the goodness and differing individual personalities has created an offensive attitude to the civilized society. On the incidence of crime, low self-control may predispose criminal acts such as forcible rape, terrorism, stealing among others. Violent crimes however do not necessarily account for the possibility of low self-control acting alone on the individual. A variety of factors is believed to enhance the incidence of the violence in mankind that tends specifically recruit others to form a stronger criminal group. Recognizing the increasing scope, intensity and sophistication of crimes brought about by globalization as a mattress for drug operations, trafficking of arms and humans and laundering, has made the UN acknowledge the true nature of crime prevention. Efficient criminal justice systems have set standards and protocols that require cooperation to counter international syndicates. It is not surprising that at times even our own police force is pressured to deal with crimes beyond their territories and jurisdiction. In the process they have tried to wither the stringent rules other territories endeavor in order to protect that safety of their citizens albeit accused of crimes. Sometimes, even our justice system turns a blind eye and a deaf ear towards this common problem besieging the society. All forces should work hand in hand down to the lowest ranks of the state police to the highest echelons of the countries justice system in order to curb the massive criminal forces acting against positive development and in particular to the populace. Weakness in our justice systems serves to only strengthen the urge to continue the spate of crimes knowing that the legal system inhibits cooperation between judicial authorities that exploit criminality to their advantage to the detriment of the society. Alternative approaches to reform and behavioral modification should give rise to a discussion on a multi-disciplinary approach and theories to prevent the recurring incidence of criminal deviation before it has a chance to spread itself like a malady that afflicts everyone Akers (1991)1. The Center for International Crime Prevention2 is the United Nation's arm for crime prevention, justice and reform. They work with the member states to strengthen laws and promote criminal justice systems to combat the threats of organised crimes such as terrorism, corruption, drugs, human trafficking and so on. Based on the rule of law, effective justice systems ensure the respect for human rights in the national and international levels. The Criminal Justice Reform Unit assists States in developing strategies to reform all the aspects of their criminal justice systems, with particular emphasis on vulnerable groups3. It is understood that strategic information-sharing, institutional capacity-building and mutual support in law enforcement, training and extradition measures are necessary for countries to break up the thriving global empire of organized

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