Thursday, February 27, 2020

Submit a report to the Directors of USPS diagnosing the state of Assignment

Submit a report to the Directors of USPS diagnosing the state of affairs and offering some prognosis on what might be a more sustainable business model - Assignment Example proud tradition in which the roots of the agency can be traced back to 1775 when the agency was formed for providing postal services on the pre independence era of America. Currently, the USPS is the largest Federal and civilian employer in the country with more than 600,000 direct and on direct employees working for the organization. The contribution and impacts of the USPS can be prominently noted in the society of America. However, in the current times, the USPS as an organization is facing a number of challenges and is showing declining revenues and financial performances at the end of every financial year. Thus, the threat of solvency for the agency has been raised which makes it necessary to analyze the root cause of the depleting competitiveness and efficiency of the organization and to find out ways in which the sustainability of the organization as a value adding agency in the country can be ensured. This report is prepared with the aim of identifying the main reasons that have driven the current low performing state of the USPS and suggesting suitable recommendations and strategies that may enable the agency to regain its position in the market. For this purpose, the product market conditions, the capital market conditions, the external environment of the agency and the challenges faced by the agency are evaluated along with a comparison drawn to another very successful postal agency, the Royal Mail Services in the United Kingdom. The unique feature of the legal and regulatory environment in which the USPS operates is also studied in the report. The strategic business model of the USPS is analyzed and the ways in which modifications can be made to the business model to negate the challenges for the agency are proposed. The business model of any organization or agency comprises of the financial and corporate strategies, philosophies of the organization and the resources and capabilities of the organization. The ways in which a company competes and

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